Monday, November 8


I think people are nicer here. It might just be the change of scenery, or the fact that I probably stick out like a sore Wisconsinite thumb, but everyone is treating me very well. Things seem, for the most part, more relaxed. That might be my employment status talking.

Either way, we've had a great weekend. It's been a little draining - what with all the repetitive motion, the grunting, the heaving, and the aching body parts - but it's been well worth it. Who ever said moving was easy?

It's so incredible, waking up next to him. Waking up next to him, and not having to do a mental countdown - 3 more days of waking up with him.. 2 more mornings of this.. etc. Now I wake up and think, "God, I have to listen to this guy for the rest of my life?"

All kidding aside, it's been fantastic. It's already feeling more and more like home. My stuff is here (albeit unpacked), my books on the shelves, my Buffy in the DVD player.. it's great. Bruce has been wonderful - but then, who would expect anything less of the guy I picked? ;)

You can read what he thinks of having me here,here. I've got some groceries and other miscellanious shit to unpack.

Also, I'm making lunch for him - trying to maintain that aura of "bestest fiancee ever" for as long as I can until the screaming banshee within me bolsters through. Wish me luck.


B said...

People here are nice. I always thought things moved at a slower pace here. Coming from St. Louis, people seemed angrier and in a bigger hurry. I like the pace in Springpatch and the fact that most of the people are pretty laid back.

As far as the bestest fiancee goes - you got it under control. The thing is, you would still have it even without making me lunch (although I'm happy to eat whatever you're cookin' :) )

inediblehulk said...

Good to hear you're in a better place. Always nice to not only wake up to someone cool, but be able to get up and go someplace cool afterwards too. As for me, I'm waking up to the same old face and living it up in the same crap town. Just remember that, if you ever need to feel superior to someone...

makojeep95 said...

We are very glad to have you hear ms sunny! The Patch is a great place even though I am ready to get outta here. The people generally are nice and as for laid back...i dont know bout that....just wait til you get to Florida!! They are really laid back down there. I think that comes as you go more south - so, Wisconsin to Missouri = more laid back and the more south from Mo, even more laid's funny.

I hear you on the moving part. I really appreciate you and B helping me out as well as I know you are tired and are trying to get settled in. I will keep the beer flowing for you guys as long as I can and try to keep the lil B at bay when it comes to eating off your plate!!

And one last thing....I think B is very very happy you are here. I think you guys are the best and have a great feeling for the two of you. You guys will make it and things will be all hunky dorry in life. YOU ROCK GIRL!