Thursday, November 18

In a Handbasket

I'm getting old.

Most of the blogs I read are dark-on-light, which I appreciate beyond belief. However, some have turned into (or always been) light-on-dark, and my freaking eyes won't let me read them anymore. I just can't. I feel a migraine coming on every time I try. Is it age? Does anyone else have this problem?

I would read MPH's blog, if it weren't for the light-on-dark. Marc is barely within my reading power now, and that's only because I've known him for a while and I force myself to check and read. Plus, he's funny and has very few spelling errors. I used to read that Fromage guy, but I can't anymore, the writing makes me all headachy. Is there something I can do? Is 24 the magical age where my eyes will go to hell? Are there reading glasses designed for people whose eyes malfunction the way mine do?

Someone help me. I need it.


B said...

Sometimes I think it has to do with being stuck in front of a computer for hours and hours and hours. That can't be good for your eyes. I've noticed it's not good for my eyes or my waistline.....anyway, maybe it's from looking at the computer screen for waay waaaay too long.

Pops said...

It's good to know someone appreciates my efforts. Come visit my blog and I promise to scorch the retinas right off you.

Anonymous said...

i've had that problem before. my doctor said that it happens when i'm not getting enough sleep. the eyes just don't want to focus.