Tuesday, November 9

A Horse of a Different Color

All summer long, I managed to pull off the blond look. It settled well, surprisingly, a few people were surprised that it wasn't my natural color. After a few months of letting it become more and more apparent that that isn't the case (can we say "roots"?), I've decided upon a winter color.

I'm uneasy about the switch, because although I've done red in the past, it's been a while, and I'm not sure how deluded I was when I thought it looked good on me. There's also a troubling little icon on the box I bought that says "Warm". Troubling because the blond I've been sporting was apparently a "Cool". Whatever that means.

I remember some tidbits from the afore-mentioned girlie magazines, scenarios involving both a white shirt and an off-white shirt, and complicated experiments. However, having never actually owned both a white and an off-white shirt at the same time (barring discolorations due to poor laundry decisions - and I'm pretty sure that by "off-white", they don't mean "accidentally-pink"), I was never able to decipher which color grouping I fell under.

Hopefully, my common sense is correct, and the stupid magazines are full of shit. Cross your fingers for me. Hell, cross them for yourselves, because I've got access to a competent digital camera nowadays. And as we all know, I am my favorite subject.


inediblehulk said...

Well, you have my approval. I love redheads, natural or not, though I still think they're the front line of Hell's invasion. Luckily, I'm not on Heaven's side. Whatever you were talking about about the off-white shirt, I have no idea. Guess I should read more fashion magazines. Or not. Anyway, best of luck, you newly coloured horse, and knock yourself out with the pics. Your favourite subject happens to be mine too.

Pops said...

Sorry, did you just refer to yourself as a horse?

Rory Kearn said...

LOL, Pops, that was hilarous.

The girlie mags are full of shit. Full, full, full. Color your hair what you want, wear what you want.

Hell, wear white pants after Labor Day!


Jess said...

Don't let any magazine fool you. It's all about attitude. If you walk into a room, full head of red hair blowing in the (fake) breeze, shoulders back and a confident look on your face, no person alive is going to doubt that you're really a redhead.

I love dying my hair so much I can't really remember my natural hair color. I think I'm going to go red before the weekend's out!

B said...

red - or bald if you keep dying it. Either way, a great new look. ;)

Anonymous said...

how do you say roots? rootz? or rutz? roof? or ruff? ~Brown