Tuesday, November 30


rObStEr: i have a cold
sunnyfnday: aww
rObStEr: i can't breathe
rObStEr: i called into work
sunnyfnday: if i were there, we'd sit on the couch and fight for room and call each other names and watch the little mermaid and snuggle
rObStEr : lol
rObStEr : it's so true
rObStEr : :-(
rObStEr : why do i miss you more when i know you're gone
sunnyfnday: poor buddy
sunnyfnday: cause
sunnyfnday: my shining beacon of light is gone further than the borders of wisconsin
sunnyfnday: that's why
rObStEr : i'll give you a beacon
sunnyfnday: HAHAHA
rObStEr: beacon your face
rObStEr : :-)
sunnyfnday: lol
rObStEr: mmmm... bacon...
sunnyfnday: mmm..lmao
rObStEr: lol

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