Thursday, February 17

Baby's Named a Bad, Bad Thing

I don't remember when I last laughed like I laughed when looking over this site. I can't believe people.

Sad, almost, to think that I don't ever want children, and yet Bruce and I would be SO MUCH MORE SENSIBLE about it than these people.

A spattering of my favorites:



And my personal favorite people:
"In a few months I'm going to be a new mom, and we know its a girl. My dh and I have been discussing names lately (we already have six children: Jack Dominick, Rose Solenne, Monroe Charlize, Ophelia Eden, Heart Scarlett, Pascal Sebastien) and our favorites right now are:
Phoenix (she was conceived in Phoenix)
Cielle (see-ell)
Maxime (max-eem)

I agree with the site's owner; these people have got to be lying. "These people, being either liars, new age cultists, schizophrenic Dungeons and Dragons players, Mormons, or all four, make most commentary on those preposterous names moot."


Jay said...

I blame celebrities. They name their babies all sorts of crazy things so they can seem original and wonderful, but then these poor kids actually have to live with them!

B said...

I was thinking we should name our next pet something interesting like Boniqua or Phalangie....I guess that's out now?

Brown said...

Those names blow.

So I hear it's President's Day on Monday. Canada doesn't have a President's Day. But I was thinking of proposing we have a President's Day. maybe for the President....OF FRANCE!!!!

brown said...

Speaking of celebrity baby names. I want to go on record as saying I LOVE the name APPLE. And I think Phinneas and Hazel also rock.

Jess said...

My favorite celeb name from the recent past?

Pilot Inspektor. Come on, that just rocks.

Until he gets to middle school and has the crap kicked out of him for being the kid with the weird name.