Sunday, February 20

What I know so far...

1. He still wants to marry me.

2. I still want to marry him.

3. We are doing it on May 12.

4. We are doing it in St. Petersburg.

5. On the beach.

6. At sunset.

7. We're hopefully going to procure some sort of temporary residence.

8. Likely, we're flying down on Monday or Tuesday.

9. I am a half-assed (as opposed to full-assed, or whole-assed [not hole-assed, well, yes, hole-assed, but not in the way I'm trying to convey]) planner.

10. I'm going to Shawano for a week in March, to make full use of my mom and my Best Maid. I want them to help me plan some stuff out, and to help me look for a dress.

This "simple" wedding stuff is more stressfull and harder than I thought, and I miss my friends. I want Lisa to help me look for a dress and I figure my mom might cry if I don't invite her, so that's how she got invited.

Here's my email to LISA:

"I so want you to help me shop for a dress. You're much better at telling me what looks good on me than anyone else, and you're the least likely of all my friends to let me dress up like: a) a whore, b) a transvestite, c) a fat cow, or d) a fat transvestite whore than anyone else I know. It might just be because you want to be able to tell people that I'm your best friend, but I don't care. I'll take the charity (and the honesty) wherever I can get it. I'm thinking I can probably get something acceptable at Deb, seeing as how they've got white prom dresses almost year-round thesedays, and they don't cost a fucking fortune. Are you planning on wearing something special for the wedding? Maybe L's dress? I don't want to steal her theme, but seeing as how everyone else there will probably be in swimming suits with shorts over the top, I don't think "theme" is the word I should use. In any case, if you want, we can shop for you a good "Best Maid" dress at the same time. Lucky for you, I don't have a set color yet. The only concern I have is that you said the dress from L's wedding was navy blue, and I don't know if you'll be comfortable on the beach in a dark color. Also, I don't think the rest of my family will be dressed in anything remotely fancy (see the swimming suit thing above). I know how you love to stick out like a sore thumb, but maybe you want to consider a cheap sundress or something. How old do I feel saying something like sundress? Guess.

I was sort of hoping that I could get some of this other stuff planned while I'm home. I don't know what to do (if anything) about flowers or cake. I don't even know if we're going to need any. As far as flowers go, I want a bouquet, and we can get you one too, if you'd like. As far as cake, all I know is that any excuse for cake MUST be taken, lest you offend the cake-gods. Hopefully, we'll be able to find a nice cake in a store somewhere, because no way in hell are we going to pay a shitload for it. I want your opinion.

I can't wait to see you, and to go out and catch up. We also need to go for a few walks while I'm in town - the streets in Springfield just weren't made for walking. My boots WERE made for walking (haha), but there are no fucking sidewalks here, and the people drive like they're 80 years old, and from Illinois.

I'm so glad we got to talk today, it really made me feel better. I can't wait to get up there and see you and plan. We'll do it like we normally do, with a few boxes of wine in our system and a little black book to write in. Hopefully when we look it over at Perkins the next day, we'll have a couple good ideas and a whole lot of stuff that makes us pee our pants laughing.

Love you, but not in a gay way (ok, but only a little),


Jay said...

You're getting married in May? Just like that?


I wish you luck in the planning bit; I had a simple little wedding, and it still took me a year and a half to plan! I hope things go your way, and be sure to keep us updated. I am a sucker for weddings!

Jess said...

Take a deep breath and remember that this is supposed to be amazing and fun and spontaneous and wonderful. You'll be beautiful. He'll be his handsome self. And you'll be married with the scent of sand and sea water. You already have the perfect place and the perfect people, the dress is just a minor detail. :)

SJ said...

You can do anything you want to on your wedding day. It's all yours! And even if it falls all to shit, rains, mudslides, whatever, you still can be proud to know that you don't look like a fat transvestite whore.

Branshine said...

I love St. Peterburg!

I was still planning stuff the day of my wedding...