Thursday, February 10


I wanted the people who might come to my site to read that email I sent to him, and I'd hoped to get some comments on it. I wanted to know if it was good, if it was irritable, or if it was simply too insincere to be considered.

I guess I got my answer with the email that came the next day. It was an email sent to the person I was 5 years ago. It wasn't fair, knowing myself how I know me, but it wasn't unfair, coming from someone who last knew me 5 years ago. I can say without a doubt, however, that I have changed completely from who I was at 19. Can any of you say otherwise?


Rory Kearn said...


No I can't say that I've completely changed from who I was 5 or 10 years ago, I think we are all at the core who we truly want to be. The war is with how we are living now, if there is a war. I'm sure some are happy. ;-)

I read your email to Casey, having sent one of my own like that months ago, I think yours was fine. You were touching base and letting him know that you thought about him still. Most people would appreciate knowing that. I don't know how he replied, but he replied to who he knew 5 years ago.

Maybe, if he stays in touch, he'll get to know who you are now and you will both be better for the friendship.

And, sweetie, thank you for your comments on my blog. "God" means so many different things to so many people, I'm glad you're on your journey.


Jay said...

I think I'm the same person, but my circumstances are very different, so that changes your priorities, and your values in can't ever go back. Life changes you.

Brown said...

STFU! I sooooooo discovered dooce before you!

Blue944 said...

I think you are right on the money...people really change between the age of 18 and 25. It is the reason people should not get married until after they turn 25. Although I do not believe our core beliefs change much over time, with maturity comes change in your outlook on life...maybe you need to wait until he matures a little. Boys can be a little slow at these things.

Remember not to sweat the little shit...and that it is all little shit.