Thursday, February 10

Tax Return Extravaganza/Delicate Crazy Hormonal Girl

This week has been one of the most rollercoastery of my life. That's a word now, I just made it. Oh, you don't think I can do that? You don't know me very well. Ha! I'm word-creater-extrordinaire! Or something. Anywho, this week? Up-and-downy. Seriously.

Two Fridays ago, Bruce put in his 2 weeks' notice at his job. He was hoping to recieve his PTO (Paid Time Off for you civies--like me) along with those two weeks, only to find out that they wouldn't be giving it to him. Three weeks of paid vacation, down the tubes. You can't really blame him for taking a few "sick" days, can you? I sure didn't. Little did we know that because of those sick days, his boss decided to accelerate his resignation. It was effective the day he returned to work. He was paid through the following Wednesday. Then started the race to find a job.

Luckily, this all came at this most glorious time of year: Tax Return Holiday. Bruce had made a fair amount of money at his job in 2004, and had recieved nearly all of it back the previous year. I was pretty sure to get over $250, at least, and that was enough for us to get (at the very least) through our lease - which ends in March. The only thing I was really hoping for was for Bruce to have some time to find a good job. He wasn't happy where he was, and I could see it was wearing on him. As the week went on, though, I realized that I was stressing out about money and finding a job more than I had thought. Everything seemed to culminate yesterday, when we went to H&R Block.

Fortunately, Bruce got a few raises last year, enabling him to take insane trips to see that completely amazing, beautiful, intelligent, awesome girl, and fall completely in love with her. Come on, who wouldn't? Luckily for him, he made the big bucks, and was able to fly her down to spend a week with him in his hometown, and proposing to her. Haha! Yay me!

UN-fortunately, because of those raises, Bruce got bumped into a higher tax-bracket. Although I'm not a tax expert, I do know that IT SUCKS. Now he won't be getting back 3-4 thousand dollars. He's getting back only half of that. I HATE TAXES.

I'm still getting back the money I expected, which is good. I hate to say it, but I think I had my heart set on getting Bruce's return. It's getting closer to May, and I want to be able to tell our relatives exactly where we're staying, and where we're planning to honeymoon. My freak-out level is reaching the breaking point. It's TIME! My brain keeps ticking down the months, days, and hours. It's a great thing to look forward to, but we really need to get planning. Planning, as with everything else in life, is easier with THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS. Maybe we should start selling organs.

Bruce got a job yesterday. It's a job doing internet market consulting, which is exactly what he was doing at his old job. It's great because he's working with a smaller sampling of websites, and that means he can really focus and get what he wants out of them - and make sure that they make some good money. He's working for a really great guy, too. The best part? He gets to work from home! The worst part? GOD DAMN IT, WHY CAN'T I WORK FROM HOME?! Although, internet consulting works better than pharmacuticals.. WAIT, I COULD TOTALLY SELL DRUGS AT HOME!!! Kidding, folks. Please don't send out the fuzz.

Things are looking much better now. I have a suspicion that it could be the Brand New Birth Control making me depressed. Has anyone else had that experience? I need a new pack of pills starting tomorrow, so I think I'll ask the lady what she thinks. Even if it's not the pills, it can't hurt to switch. When she first put me on them, she told me that I could switch after a few months if there was anything I didn't like about the ones she'd put me on. Hopefully, it was all the stress of Bruce's crappy job situation that was making me worried and depressed. If not, I hope it was the Crazy New Birth Control that was doing it. At least that's easy to fix. I just hope I'm not one of those people who can't be on it. Just think, maybe my Delicate Balance of Hormones can't take it. Ha! Talk about the most inconvenient Only Delicate Thing About Me ever.


Cal the Wonderdog said...

"Rollercoastery" is a great word. I HAVE to have the alpha female in my pack read this.

About your previous post, my sidekick has something to say about the bond between two spirits:

The bond has nothing to do with the ceremony, the lead-up, the food, what others think, the stress, the dark, the light, the place, the jobs; or anything like that.

The bond has everything to do with the connection you felt when you exchanged vows - not the ones you are thinking of. Your hearts have already done that part when your eyes met before and during the proposal when you felt such a deep connection of two spirits.

The bond has everything to do with 5 and 10 and 20 and 40 years later when the love has grown to a place where things like the things you are worrying about now are nothing but a smile in a story that has gone all right."

At least that is how it worked for my humans.


sunny said...

By all means, Cal, have your alpha female read. I like your input, for sure. Also, your sidekick has some good things to say. Don't get me wrong there. I'm just a whore for new readers, and if there's a new reader that's guaranteed to be a smart, funny, and spectacular one, I just about start salivating on the spot. (I'm sure you can sympathize there.)

Thank you for all the great advice, and thank your sidekick, too. It must be that northern air. I still think, at least three times a day, that I'm going to drag Bruce by the ear to Wisconsin--or to Minneapolis!--and get that good cold air flowing through his lungs.

The bond I have with Bruce really has nothing to do with the post before this last one. The one steadfast thing has been how great I feel when I am with him, and how wonderful he's constantly reassuring me that I am. It's amazing, how much love that two people (or dogs!) can have for one another. I didn't entirely beleive in it, until I met this man.

Speaking of which, are you sure your sidekick and the alpha female want to get your operation? You're pretty darn smart (typing and everything!), and it's a shame not to pass on those Lassie/Typist genes, don't you think?

Cal the Wonderdog said...

Hi Sunny, I get to go back to where I was born next week and there is going to be some big conversation about "the operation" and if I'm supposed to be a daddy or not. I don't understand any of this but they say I will :)

You're right about the cold air, but there is also more spirit in the land and people here in the northern midwest than anywhere imaginable. I don't see how anyone could stay away for too long. My humans lived many places but think this is paradise! I agree.

Bye for now!