Thursday, February 24

Project Jay

I told you before that I loved Project Runway, but I think I forgot to mention that I LOVE JAY. He's got an amazing sense of style, an impeccible sense of humor, and he's flamboyant and fun and altogether everything I could ever want in a designer. More. He's awesome.

Luckily for this household, he won tonight. Unfortunately, Kara Saun really showed off her bitter, repressed, spoiled-FUCKING-brat side and went with the shoes she'd been given for free. Also, as much as Wendy was a bitch to everyone, Kara Saun was even MORE of a bitch. That's saying a lot.

Jay stayed out of the whole thing, I might add.

What I really have to say about Jay is that although he reminds me of my (less flamboyant) brother, he's older and at a point in his life where he knows what he wants. I feel like my little brother isn't exactly sure what's going on for him all of the time, but I want to let him know that it will come to him. I have faith in him. He needs to be creative, and I think he's slowly coming to that realization. He needs to be expressive, and I think that's even more important. Also, I would like to know if he was watching Project Runway. And I would like to know if he's as hot for Jay as I am. Purely for geneological reasons, of course.

YAY FOR JAY! I will buy some of your outfits as soon as they come to Target and go on clearance. Probably sooner, I will buy Many Many Cheap Knockoffs, to satisfy my very real desire to be clothed in his inspiration. He's amazing.

I love Jay.

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