Wednesday, February 16

Lazy Ass

I haven't updated in about a week. I'd like to blame this completely on our firewall issue, but I have a feeling that excuse is only good for Bruce's New Website. (If any of you has a link for Bruce, could you change it to his new page? Eventually? I'll give you until after I get off my lazy ass, at least.)

I haven't had much time for the computer, as Bruce is working on it (from home, the fucker!) now. I'm stuck watching godawful TV, like Queer Eye for the Straight Girl and Project Runway instead. It's not a bad life, I guess. At least I'm feeling happier. (PS: I Love Jay From Project Runway!)

I bought (and yes, I've watched it all already) Buffy, season 3. It's good, but a little bitter. Seems like everyone was breaking up with everyone in season 3. Sort of like season 6, but there's less sex in season 3.

We went to Mac and Pam's house yesterday, and had a blast. We played Eye Toy and pool and danced with the kids for a while, and eventually had dinner. We have a new rule, "No spanking on Commando Tuesday." Best not to ask. I have to say, that EyeToy TOTALLY KICKED MY ASS. No lie. I'm totally sore in the arms and shoulders. It's a pain to sit on the couch and watch TV. And you know I'm in pain when I can't lay on the couch watching Project Runway without bitching about it.

I think I'm going to go, because Bruce chose now (after I started posting my first post in a week) to start the Batman: The Animated Series DVD we bought this weekend. I best get in there before it's too late.

Again, here's Bruce's new link.

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