Thursday, March 3


I may have mentioned in the past that I grew up going to Catholic school. I might also have said something about how I was required to go to [gag]church[/gag] at least two times a week. I might have also mentioned the Stations of the Cross. Also known as the Most Painful Abuse Of Any Child, Anywhere. Every Friday during lent, this was my life.

It should come as no surprise, then, that I do NOT spend any time thinking about Easter. I have (in a very beneficial manner) specifically excluded any and all lenten doings from my mind. (See? I can't even spell that "pertaining to lent" word. I refuse to look it up.) I DO, however, spend much time celebrating other Easter delights.

I didn't eat any Mini Eggs last year, so this is the year I make up for that. Just in time for my wedding.


Jay said...

My mother is obsessed with those mini eggs. Super obsessed. My husband likes peeps, which are yellow chicken-shaped marshmallow easter treats, or as I like to call them: disgusting. I just don't get it. I say screw the chocolate, just hide cash, and I'll gladly hunt for it, but the catholic family doesn't seem to like my attitude :( .

galetea said...

Peeps are a crime against humanity. And I'm 30 years old and my mother still sends me an Easter basket, even on the other side of the world. :)

I favor the Cadbury Creme Eggs myself, not only due to their fabulous commericals stateside (I grew up wondering why my pet rabbit didn't cluck like the one on TV) but also for their advertising in the UK, which includes the tagline "Licky, Sticky, Happy!" And they kinda taste nice too.