Thursday, March 17

What I've Been Up To:

In order, because it makes the most sense.
  • Flying on a plane with a couple of the loudest, most inconsiderate, crappy-anus-joke-making business men you could ever hope to meet.
  • Waiting for 2 hours in the Minneapolis/St.Paul airport. Eating cheesecurds. Prepping myself for a long week of pigging out.
  • Flying again. Watching all the pretty lights go by down below, and trying to figure out which set of lights are which city. I used to drive from Minneapolis to Shawano every few weeks, and I still had no clue which was what.
  • Going out with Lisa. We got dissed at the first bar we went to, and hit on at the second. When I first started as a pharmacy technician, the reason I started was because 4 (yes, FOUR) people got fired from the pharmacy in one day. One of those people was Joe, whom I saw out at the bars a few weeks later. I (in a drunken haze) told him that I had his job now, and he proceeded to look me up and down and tell me that I'd "never be as good as him". I was understandably pissed. On Saturday night, we saw him at R&R ("Everybody's talkin' 'bout the new bowling alley, but it's still R&R to me".. they changed the name to Mountain Bay Lanes. MBL = Lamer than shit) and he hit on me. Greeeeaaat.
  • I forget what I did on Sunday.. dum-dee-diddle-dum..
  • Monday I called Grady and left him a message. Then, later, I called him again, and we went out. We went to Brickstone, shot some darts (I think I broke aproximately 3 of his dart-tips), and had a couple of beers. Afterwards, I was pretty tired (God, I'm old), so we came back to my house, where we sat in my room and talked for a few hours. I can't believe how lucky I am to have two best friends whom I am completely comfortable with.
  • Tuesday Lisa and I went shopping. We planned on buying my wedding dress, and "settled" for a "wedding ensemble/outfit/suit". After a few close calls with hyperventilation, that is. We also went to Perkins, where we saw Todd, and to BW3's with him afterward. Later that night, we went to visit her sister and then watched people bowl for about an hour.
  • Yesterday, I sat at home and watched DVD's. Even though I've spent hours and hours bonding with them, I still have to say that Carrie totally gets on my nerves most days (Dude, what's up with the outfits? I mean, seriously), Charlotte makes me want to hit her, Miranda doesn't know what's good for her, and Samantha is having a hard time making me relate, no matter how many intimate settings I see her in. I'm beginning to think that I'm just not a Sex and the City sorta gal. Sad.
  • Today, Lisa and I went to Bingo. Hillarity abounded.

More updates later.

I really want to emphasize how much I hate being away from Bruce. I'm having a really hard time staying awake, and I think he's got something to do with it. I love that guy, and I can't imagine ever being without him again. My heart aches for him. I go to sleep at night, after an hour of laying still, only to wake up an hour later with my butt freezing off and nothing to cuddle it up to. I want to curl myself into a ball into him, and it's impossible. I want to wake up to an insane kitten, and have a midnight laugh about throwing him out of the bedroom. I want to fall asleep and wake up to him making his sleeping-sounds. It's too quiet in my room (before I fall asleep, obviously). My pillow is too squishy to even seem real. I wake up exactly as I go to sleep: tired, alone, and aching for him. Sometimes it's hard to breathe.

Lisa and I have turned into that old couple who broke up a while ago, whom everyone is really happy to see got back together again. I only say 'old' because we are those people who talk about old places of business in terms of what they used to be. IE: "The old Soo-Line" is "Brickstone", and "R&R, because it'll never fucking be Mountain Bay Lanes" is.. well.. you know.

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