Wednesday, March 2

Web Fire Escape

Web Fire Escape: "The Web Fire Escape is a simple device which has been designed to allow readers of weblogs to instantly replace a Web Fire Escape equipped blog with an alternate work-safe site or a fake word processor or spreadsheet application. When you see a weblog with the Web Fire Escape equipped button you can be sure that career salvation is only a click away should a work colleague or manager approach your desk whilst you are catching up with your daily blogs."

I have to admit it, I stole this from here. I'm still collecting evidence in my investigation. Trials to ensue.

sunny said...

Ha! That's right!

Sorry Rob, I swear to Pete I put up a link to your post when I wrote this, but I have to admit, I had been drinking vast amounts of liquid from a box, and it's quite possible that I passed out on the publish button or something before I was done.

Maybe I then had a dream about finishing the post.

In any case, I had no idea that you ever read my blog, and now I'm feeling a slight urge to go back and make sure I'm not as embarassing as I think I am. Oh well.

Robert said...

Yeah, I check in on you and Bruce from time to time. Just wanted to send a shout out to you both. :-)