Saturday, March 19


Tomorrow I get to go home! Weather that doesn't suck ass! Hooray!

Seriously, we got at least 1000 feet of snow yesterday. And I have no more clean socks. Or shoes without holes in them.

The snow is piling up outside the window, and I can see why some people (people who don't live in it every year, people who've never had to shovel, etc.) might find it attractive. To some extent.

I had a very complicated dream last night while I was drunk. It involved many cases of cadbury creme eggs and boxes full of Mini Eggs. I know it was a dream because I'm not craving chocolate any less, and also because that's Totally Not Their Packaging Scheme. Seriously. I am disappointed in my brain.

We went out last night to R&R. Becky, Lisa and I played us some wicked Naked Man Trivia, only to discover that Naked Woman Trivia is way easier. I ended up talking to Mike for a while--the fucker's lost 40lbs! How the hell do people do it?! I want to inject him with my 40lbs!--because he's splitting up with his wife. I can't believe how that family manages to raise such fantastic guys, only to have them get dumped all over all the time. It makes me sick.

I cancelled on one of my best friends today. We had planned to meet up in Appleton and hang out for a while, but given the smothering blanket of snow, my dad and I were both apprehensive about the drive. Also, his brakes don't work, and leaving for Appleton for half the day would leave them with nothing but each other to entertain.. each other.. all day long. NOT COOL. I know they go shopping together now, but there's only just so much you can expect out of parents.


Jay said...

Do your parents not have access to laundry? Seems like they should. If so, then the sock situation is pure laziness on your part.

sunny said...

Hey now! I have to object, owing to the many many times I have stated my laziness on this-here blog.

Plus, the socks really don't do much for me, not when my 2 pairs of shoes are a)sandals, or b)backless and canvas and covered in holes.

My logic for the night was, why wear the holey-shoes and socks, when the socks will only become soaked and freezing from the snow? Why not wear the sandals, which will allow my soaking-wet-snowy feet to dry faster?

I admit, it seems less appealing having been through it.

B said...

I think maybe you said too much. :) Might be time for some new shoes.