Sunday, March 6

Mind Over Matter

I have officially caught up on my email! Even though it took me 3 weeks! Maybe next, I can return the phone call I got a month ago! And I've been corresponding with an absolutely wonderful, insanely funny, and completely interesting person, with a blog way better than mine could ever be, but she still enjoys our conversations enough to continue them! Hooray!

I've got a lot of things to tell everyone, so hold on tight. First, but not least importantly, the cat has been dragging things out of the trash to play with. Yes, as you might well expect, this is entirely my own damn fault. You see, two weeks ago, when we got the cutesy package of random useless things from my mom, it was wrapped inside the box in pink tissue paper. I threw some of the paper on the floor for the kitten to play with, and now he thinks all things pink-and-tissuey are there for his amusement. Unfortunately, when I picked up the paper from the floor and threw it away, it wasn't into the trash, but into a cardboard-trash-box in the corner of the kitchen, and Linus discovered this. Since the discovery, he's been playing with random things out of all of the trash bins in the apartment. He either hasn't discovered the bathroom yet, or has more pride than we do, because that trash hasn't come into play. Thank Jebus.

I made my famous zucchini casserole this week. It's a very simple recipe, consisting of 1# of browned hamburger, 1 can of cream of mushroom soup, 5 cups thinly sliced zucchini, and 1# velveeta (processed cheese product), layered (by halves) twice, and baked in a 350 degree oven for an hour and a half. I gave myself second degree burns by attempting to take it out of the oven without a mitt. That's a guess, mind you. I might also have given myself a freaking pressure burn by pressing too hard when in a spurt of obsessive cleaning. How insane am I that I actually prefer the former? Very.

On March 12, I fly to Wisconsin. We actually ended up getting a better deal on the trips out of Springfield directly into Green Bay than the ones going from STL to MKE, so that's the one we picked. I can't tell you how amazed/scared/excited I am to be going. I'm worried that a)no one will remember me, b)everyone will remember me, and everyone will be sad that I'm back, c)I won't get anything done, and the whole trip will be a waste, and d)while I'm gone, Bruce will meet a sultry temptress who will know how to make pancakes without leaving the insides raw and bleeding, and leave me without notice. Also, that the kitten might not miss me at all/forget my very existance. And no one will clean the litter box.

Is that a great update, or what?


Robert said...

Trust me, in regards to the cat and the bathroom trash -- the two will inevitably meet. And when they do, you'll definitely have tampons all over the place. I think it has something to do with that neat little string on the end. This was the only cat proof trash can I could find at walmart. Good luck!

Miss Wired said...

I've still got emails from last year that haven't been responded to. :(

LostNotFound1980 said...

As for the cat... heheheh I oh so know your pain.

As for people forgetting you... you seem like a pretty unforgettable person so you shant worry there.

Have a great time going home. I know I always do :-)

blues mama said...

In the middle of a formal dinner party, my friend's cat came sauntering out of the bathroom with - yep - a tampon. We laughed so hard I think we all wet ourselves, sitting there being all la-di-da in our fancy clothes.