Sunday, March 27

Update, Glorious Update

I wish I would be updating more often, but really? I haven't really been feeling like it. Bite me.

Don't get me wrong, dear readers. Feeling guilty over something as self-serving as blogging is sure to represent a clear psychotic tendancy, and I'm never one to admit to having one of those. So I won't. These hives have nothing to do with the burning, itching, crawling skin I may or may not feel at not blogging for over a week.

I should mention, however, that I am getting married in a little over a month. A LITTLE OVER A MONTH! There are so many things I'm thinking about and not doing anything about.. I could go on and on. But I won't. To do so would be to virtually pat my neurotic mother on the back for a job well done in teaching her daughter to be severly co-dependant. Which I am not. Really.

In any case, there are many many things which are currently occupying my time. For instance, napping. And eating. And promising myself to go walking. And eating. And feeling guilty over not blogging, eating, napping, eating, and not going walking. And also for leaving my wedding outfit at home in Wisconsin. And eating. And not falling asleep in a reasonable amount of time (unless said sleep is a nap).

Today, I am going for a walk, come hell or high water. (Both are extremely possible in Springfield.)

I walked into the computer room to blog, and the kitten followed me. Linus was barely in here for a minute - I had just started to type - when I heard an odd sound coming from behind me. I looked around. He had decided to nap. And fallen asleep in 30 seconds. Snoring sleep.

Apparently, 6 weeks wasn't enough time for his mother to teach him how to be properly neurotic.


Jay said...

6 weeks! I'm so happy and excited for you!

inediblehulk said...

Wow...6 weeks left of being single...well, non-legally bound and chained, anyway. It's your call though, so I'll wish you the best and all that. Hope the wedding and honeymoon rock, and hope you can stretch that fun into that lightless tunnel, for however long forever takes. Seriously though, have fun.

I can't see where the guilt comes from when you don't blog regularly. Glad I don't have that problem. I'd be ready to jump. I'd actually rather you slow it down a bit, at least proportionately to the frequency I read the posts. Nothing like having 300 new posts every time I check. Thanks, however, for making them readable and often even enjoyable.

The comment's almost as big as the post, so I'll shut up now. Just had to post something without, you know, actually updating my own blog.