Friday, March 11

Friday Countdown:

22: Hours until I board the plane to Green Bay.

6: Beers I have drunk tonight.

43908: Beers I have drunk in my lifetime.

934: Beers I plan to drink later tonight.

2: Numbers of times I have thought about merry-go-rounds in the past 24 hours.

24: Hours in which I have thought about 2 merry-go-rounds.

1: Time I need to call Lisa, to tell her of my plans to be in Shawano for a week.

43: Times I have reminded myself to call Lisa to tell her of my plans to be in Shawano (March 12-20, 2005).

0: Number of times I have called Lisa to tell her of my plans to be in Shawano tomorrow (for one week).

1: Time I plan to call Lisa regarding above.

7: Times I plan to get drunk in the next week.

98: Beers I intend to drink in the next 8 days.

7: Inappropriate makeout sessions with Bruce in preparation for leaving.

9: Times I plan to have sex with my cordless phone in Wisconsin.

1,000,000: Minutes I will spend missing him with all my heart and soul and genitalia.

8: Minutes until I can call Lisa (free nights and weekends, woo-to-the-HOOO).

978: Ways in which I am a complete retard/dork.

3: Suggestions my mind just gave me for combining the words retard and dork in amusing ways as I typed that.


Miss Wired said...

You dorktard.

Jay said...

No such think as inappropriate making out.

Rory Kearn said...

Have fun in Green Bay. And just a question, are you actually going to have sex "with" the cordless phone or while talking to someone "on" the cordless phone. ;-)