Monday, March 7

The OC

An ad came on during American Idol, proclaiming the new trailer for Star Wars III, Revenge of the Sith. It's going to be shown during the next episode of The OC. You know, that one about the parents/teenagers who live in the lap of luxury and spend all of their waking hours wondering who on the show they can fuck next. The following conversation followed:

Me: I am so not watching that show just to see that trailer.

Bruce: Oh.. uh.. well, I might. Just to see it.

M: Oh, come on, you watch The OC anyways.

B: What?

M: I've seen you watch it.

B: What?!

M: You remember, I caught you watching it that one night.

B: Nuh-UH!

M: Uh-HUH! I totally caught you!

B: You're so getting a spanking.

M: [singsongy teasing]"I like that show, it reminds me of Melrose Place."[/singsongy teasing]

B: (getting up off the couch)Oh, you best be running.


Cal the Wonderdog said...

That is so like my sidekick. One day I caught him watching Napoleon with the 8-year old pup in our pack. I came in and they turned the TV off. I said, like what was that dudes? And they said, " Um, er, that was an old Lassie episode, yeah. So I asked, "Then who was that lab and why was it in color?" And they said, "Well, you see Cal, they've colorized some of the old episodes and . . ."

The next day I spotted the Blockbuster rental box on the table and chewed it up a little bit. The next night, we were all watching Lassie again.

Man, you gotta watch those male humans . . .

B said...

Embarrassing - yes. The only good thing to come out of this was catching you with a well deserved spanking.

blues mama said...

Many, many years ago, when Melrose Place was new....well....I used to watch it faithfully. My daughter would laugh at me when the theme music started and I'd get all excited and say "Woo hoo! Melrose Place is on!"

That's my confession. I rarely watch TV now, so I figure I'm partially absolved. It's kinda like being re-virginized after a long period without sex.