Friday, September 16

Baby Got Back

.. from the vet. He was a little skittish for a few hours, but now he seems to be calming down. Poor little guy nearly took my arm off trying to get me to escort him out of the office, and the poor old man (the vet?) who got him from the back was very nearly accosted. Linus was ready to get out of that place. He was DAMN READY.

We had to board him last night because of our shitty landlords. They still don't really "know" that we "have a cat". And yet, I'm not calling them shitty because we had to board him, Oh No. I'm also not calling them shitty landlords because we have to board him ALL NEXT WEEK, as well. I'm calling them our shitty landlords because the reason we have to remove him (and all traces of him) from the premisis is because they're planning on an inspection sometime next week. That's right, a surprise inspection.

Now, I had no idea that it was within the rights of the landlords in the state of Missouri to come into your apartment unannounced to "check how clean it is". This is our home, and my whole not-inextensive repetoire of various apartments in various citys has led me to believe over the years that "surprise inspections" aren't that common.

I sort of thought that by giving them our security deposit when we moved in, we were insuring them against us decimating the place while we were here. I had no idea that during our stay, we were also going to be subject to periodic white glove tests. I'm a 25 year old woman. I know that houses should be kept clean, and I really do my best to keep ours that way. My mother is a practicer of the custodial arts. I've been brought up to keep a pretty spiffy house. I can (almost) understand the lease when it says, "I do hereby solemnly swear on the gods of apartment management that I do hereby own and will constantly operate a vacuum cleaner.*" But writing an allowance in the lease for periodic unannounced visits to look under our couch for dust-bunnies? I think not. Actually, I thought it was a right of me, as a renter, to have notice when my landlord plans on visiting.

Anyone familiar with renter's rights? Rob? Jess? Anybody?

PS: I again changed the header to my blog. As my last one didn't seem to get any big responces, I thought a more subdued look might be what's required for you, my (3) fans. So tell me if you like it!

PPS: Also, the ARCHIVES that have long since eaten me alive and chewed my spinal cord like so much rawhide are back up and running! And if you click on a particular month (go ahead, test them, you can try any month you want), you actually go to a month's worth of beautiful prose, written by yours truly. Or perhaps some pictures with no captions! You never know!

*I'm paraphrasing, but I swear to Pete, it's actually written in our lease that if they find that we do not, in fact own a vacuum, they reserve the right to be royally pissed off. And maybe murder us. We're not sure which.


Jess said...

The great and powerful Rob's parents own a lot of apartments in the STL area. He says that you need to check your lease to see what it states as far as why they are able to enter your home. During the term of your lease, the apartment is yours. You put down the security deposit to do just what you said--ensure that they recoop any losses should you destroy the house. Unless the lease specifically states that they can enter to check how clean the apartment is, they shouldn't be able to come in for that reason alone. Typically, it states they'll come in for emergencies or to fix something, etc.

Sounds shitty to us.

sunny said...

Thanks for all the sympathy, guys. Unfortunately, I think it IS in our lease, and I'm not really prepared to do more than bitch about the circumstances to those who are willing to listen. Besides, my argument doesn't go that far past, "But Christ, isn't that just wrong and evil?!?"

I'm not willing to take that to court.

We might, however, be moving to a new place pretty durn soon. A pet-friendly place. With a yard? So we can get a puppy? Perhaps!

Jess said...

When is the great move back to the "snowy north?"

sunny said...

We've decided to push that back "sort of indefinitly". We're moving up there, but we've been stressing out about it and money for almost a whole entire year, and that's just damn foolish.

Tomorrow, we're going to look at some places here (Springfield, Nixa) that we can get for short(er) term leases. De-stress, de-shitty-landlordize, you know. It'll be good for us.