Friday, September 16

Sleeping Disorders: Including Commercials?

I've had a hard couple of nights. Before I tell you about them, let me say that I will be online more in the next 3 days than I have been in the last 3 days, because our internet is not in danger of being disconnected for 12 hours by lightning storms (knock on wood) and we have now paid our bill. The day without access was a blessing, really. Ok, so it sort of sucked. Bruce got the day "off", which was nice, but then he spent so much time catching up yesterday that I thought for sure he was on his way to a heart attack. We really should work on that.

Anywho, the night before last, I had a toothache. I had a toothache that hurt so badly that I couldn't concentrate on going to sleep. Whenever I'd get so exhausted that I thought I might be drifting off, I'd start having horrible dreams involving really hard patters of knitting. Did I tell you guys I'm starting to knit? Well! I am! Don't knit before bed, that's my advice.

There were a couple of times that I started to drift off without knitting nightmares, but those were punctuated by that song from that commercial for vacations. You know the one? Where the dad and son are running along the beach and building castles in the sand.. "We're having fun, out in the sun... Being a dad is AWESOME.." Mostly the "Being a dad is AWESOME" part, just because I think it's funny. That was before it kept me up all night. Has a song ever kept you up all night? Which one(s)?

Also, during one long stretch, Linus thought that my hand sticking out from under my pillow would make great target practice (or he thought that since I was awake, why not engage me in some friendly combat?), and chewed on my hand for a good five minutes. I let him do it without moving my hand away because I figured that after a while it'd become boring to him, and he'd stop. NO SUCH LUCK. He started chewing harder. That cat was out for blood, I tell you, BLOOD! So I swatted at him, and we got into a cat fight. A whispery cat fight. (Bruce slept through the whole thing.)

Then last night, Linus was gone. But I'll tell you about that later today. Suffice to say I might have slept better last night, but I miss the baby*.

*This is a picture of him as a baby, keep in mind that he's not a baby any longer, and actually, the vet tech said he looked like he spent all day on treadmills. Cause, you know, he's a lean mean machine. I miss him like this, but he's getting really gorgeous, that's for sure. More recent pictures on their way, I swear.


SJ said...

I was wrong about Amazing Race. Doesn't start until the 27th. I concede that I was wrong.

sunny said...

LOL, and here I got all excited. DAMN YOU, SJ!

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that expedia ad with the "Being a Dad is Awesome" part. It makes me crack up everytime I hear it. Scott