Tuesday, January 31


Today was like Christmas in January. You might think it's a little soon to have Christmas again, but remember - we had Christmas on the 23 of December. So we're jonesing harder than most people. (Interesting note: I was tlaking to Lisa about our early Christmas, and she had early Christmas with Todd, too. We were of one mind this year.)

I'm posting pictures today, so no worries about viewing videos. [As far as the video of the ceiling fan? Bruce stuck socks on three of the blades. The fan was on. It was pretty funny. Jess? Do you have quicktime at work? That's the application that my videos load on on this computer. Just wondering if maybe you don't have the right viewer - it's a shot in the dark, though. Who knows. Can everyone else see them? Please let me know.]

First up, a picture of the yarn I ordered off Ebay a few weeks ago. It's Fleece Artist sock yarn, superwash merino, and it's fantastic. So soft. I want to make it into something totally special, right away. We'll see. I've got a few things I need to do first.

Secondly, I've had some books from Ebay in a package waiting for me in the office for a week or more. I couldn't help it, I was working hours identical to the hours the office was open. I'm such a bad tenant. Anywho, when I figured out that Mom had sent us some stuff, too, I was naturally more excited to get the stuff (literally piling up) in the office, but I was still working, so I didn't make it down there. This morning, the office called us and asked us to come and get it. Good thing, too, because I would have forgotten - and I know for a fact there's cheese in that package from Mom - she told us about it a few days ago. But again with the not being able to get in the office while it's open.

In any case, we saved most of the cheese: Wait a minute... what's that on the left?
Brick cheese?!? NoooooooO!

There are more fabulous things to come. As you can see, Bruce and I made out like bandits this year. Bandits, I say!

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Jess said...

Oh, God, Brick Cheese! Noooo!