Tuesday, September 21


Hi all. Steve came home from work yesterday morning with a scare again. We took him to the Shawano ER, and found out it wasn't stroke symptoms again, it was what they called, benign position vertigo. This happens to alot of people, out of 50 patients who come in thinking it is more serious, 1 might end up with something to have to worry about. To read more on it, go to webmd, and search for it. Once they learned of his stroke last year, they did want to do a c-scan, just to check. But that came back ok. He is home taking it easy today. I guess we need a wake up call now and then to remind us to slow down a little.
Love you all, Mare

[I called her, afterwards, and things seem to be looking ok. Scary, to think he was sitting in the ER for 2 hours before anyone came to talk to him. Scarier still, that they were much more concerned when they heard about his stroke last year. They know now that they have to mention that ASAP, if something like this ever happens again. I worry about him, but I know that I'll never worry as much as my mom does, so I'm ok with leaving the "Watch Dad Like a Hawk" ball in her court. I do my part, when I can, but there's nothing I can do from Missouri. Anything I can do from Wisconsin is something that my mom is already doing. It's slightly reassuring. Dad is home, resting for a few days. He needs to realize that he's got to be more careful with himself. It's a pride thing, an embarassment, almost, that he's got to take it easy. Hopefully it won't take many more of these scares to get it across to him. Hopefully, this one was enough.]

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