Tuesday, September 21

Things I Still Want to Do:

  1. Eat Cam's lasagna.
  2. See Terri again, and Mike. Meet Mac, and Sydney, and the baby. Meet bear. Drink from the keg.
  3. Make zucchini casserole.
  4. See Branson.
  5. See Eureka Springs. Visit bath-house.
  6. Go to the Arch.
  7. Meet Bruce.
  8. Never leave.


sunny said...

I'm pretty partial to #8, myself.

Pops said...

#1 isn't some crazy euphemism for something is it? I'm over 30 now, so I'm not always up on the latest slang. For instance, would it make sense if you said it like this: "Damn, I wouldn't mind eating Cam's lasagna, if you know what I mean"?

I'm just trying to be clear.

sunny said...

Poor ol' Pops. It's ok. If lasagna is a euphanism for anything, I don't know about it, either. I meant it in the most old-fogiest of ways.