Tuesday, September 28


It's insane. So much to pick from, so many decisions to make. Enough to drive a girl to drink.. oops, too late. By the by, if anyone comes across something they don't think that we'd like, skip to something else. I think the B and I have both been selecting drunkenly.

I've got a million kitchen appliances on the Kohls account. Not entirely sure I'm completely familiar with how to use them but hey, live and learn, right? I like the idea that everything I registered for is something that I've used, in helping my mom make her cookin'. That makes me feel good.

Registered for a Freakin'-Load of bar crap. I think B did the same.. he was registering for Bed, Bath and Beyond while I was doing Kohls.. so I think the bar total has added up to "More Than One Couple Could Possibly Use", but that's ok. I think that, between the two of us, most people would think that we're insanely popular. At least we're sanely popular with a fucking awesome bar. That's enough, don't you think? I so want an awesome bar. Keggerator, here we come.

Still not sure on the rest of it. I think registry #3 is going to be target. Hard to keep track of what you've applied for, especially after a few glasses of the wino. It will all work out well, I'm sure. No worries. I've got my B, and I intend on keeping him. No reason to worry.

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