Thursday, September 23

Fortunate Coincidences:

  • Levi and the condo (yay for Lev! yay for us!)
  • Mom and Ron and the wanting to go anyway
  • Mom and Dad wanting to go to St. Pete
  • Lisa having plenty of vacation time
  • Jess and Robo wanting to go there
  • John being in the Keys
  • Abbie doing photography, and wanting to go
  • Cam being awesome chef, maybe being so kind as to cook dinner afterwards
  • Terri and Levi wanting to come
  • Dad playing guitar, if we absolutely need music
  • Everyone wanting to be there, even if it's not the most natural of things, just coming together for us on our day :)

Keep in mind this is a list in progress, and we'll continue it soon.. with more good things to come when I tell my people, I'm sure of it.

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