Tuesday, September 28

Quality Time

I want to lose a few. In general, not for the wedding. I want to be healthy, I want to look at myself and say, "This.. this is exactly how I would look, if I had a choice."

It's as much about comfort in my body as it is about looking good. I feel more comfortable than I ever have, when I look in the mirror, and I am loving that feeling. My life is coming together, and that is great - I want my body to reflect how much thought I put into my life, and how much I care about myself.

Best way to do that, I figure, is to care more about myself. By that I mean, pay more attention to what my body really needs. I have all I want now, with my life. The things that aren't wonderful, are being taken care of. Everything will be as it should be, in due time.

Prime example of what I could do to make myself feel better, something I truely don't need to be doing? Diet Coke. Cut it out, not drink more of it. I don't need to have 3 gallons/day, and it's probably making me feel more like crap than it's doing any good. Water is much better for me, and makes me feel full, and it doesn't hurt my teeth. Unless it's really freaking cold. Easily prevented.

My calorie book will once again be my best friend. No more adding cheese to everything [within reason, of course], no more dipping everything in something else before it reaches my mouth. Make an active effort to use fat-free, or low-calorie dressings and condiments. Use less condiments, in general. Avoid deep-fried foods [harder to do in Wisconsin than you'd think, but I'll manage]. Avoid eating out. Preparing food burns calories. Don't eat after 6pm.

I figure that the only thing I really don't want to cut out is alcohol - so I'll stick to my blush wine. Many calories saved. Beer for when I go out [it looks a little freaky in Wisconsin, drinking wine at the bar], beer will be Miller Lite, as I save myself a few calories that way, as well.

Hell, it's what I did before, and I lost about 40 pounds then. I can do it again. It only takes more thought, and thought is one thing I've usually got to spare.

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B said...

I can understand the diet coke what with all the things in it, but cut back on cheese?!? Surely you jest!

Seriously though, I've always been big on drinking the water, but early in the year I got on this kick where I was walking every day at least two miles. Two turned into 3 and I did that for a few months. Honestly, I felt better than I had since I was a kid. It really does work. Keeping up on it is hard, but not so bad when you've got someone to walk with you...or swim...or whatever.