Thursday, September 23

Told Sam

Wow, that went sooo well. Keep forgetting that he's getting married, too, so we had lots to discuss.

Him and Amy are doing it in the Carribean (awesome) hopefully (fingers crossed for them) in March. Makes total sense.

It's nice to know that people are thinking along the same wavelength as you are.. I especially like it when it happens independantly.

He's doing well, which is really awesome. Neurological Science? Something like that.. I'm really glad he found something that fits him so well. It's perfect - and that makes it great.

He reminded me of a few things that I'd forgotten about.
  1. His parents got engaged the day they met. They were at the same wedding, and they just knew it was right, and things went from there. 6 months later, they were married. Awesome. I always loved that story, it makes me smile.
  2. His dad's name is Bruce. Glad that's the only similarity, because it'd be too creepy, if there were more. Infinately more creepy.

Anyways, I was a little worried, before I called. I hate to think that not everyone will understand how this all came about, but I'm really happy in the results, when I've told people the story behind Bruce and I. Everyone has been really cool about it, they trust my judgement. It's amazing. People never cease to amaze me.

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B said...

This story just goes to show that things don't always have to work out the "traditional" way. I mean that concerning a few different things in this post.

Being open to new things can be difficult sometimes, but it's worth it, really. Sometimes you realize that things arent always what you expect.