Thursday, September 23

Up Until Now

I've been so caught up in telling B's friends, and coworkers, and people who fall into both those categories that we're engaged that I think I forgot that I've got people who I need to tell, too.

  • Misty
  • Karen
  • Uncle Tom & Aunt Debbie
  • Clara
  • Grandma Mavis
  • Les and Rita
  • Michelle
  • Grady
  • Work
  • Mike
  • Jamie
  • Deesil/Chat
  • Eddie
  • LeeAnn
  • Rachel (forgot I had a sister again, for a while there)
  • Sam
  • Sami (maybe)
  • Sue and Bob and Weston and Erin
  • Whitney

That's what I've got, after thinking, and then going through my phonebook on my phone. Yes, I'm a dork. You notice how they got sort of.. alphabetical tward the end? That's why.

1 comment:

B said...

List....good idea. Dont want to miss anyone and cause anger.