Wednesday, September 29


I've got a cold. As much as I wanted to believe it was allergies, as much as I convinced the people around me that it was, it was not. It is, in fact, a cold.

I spent too much time at work today. All 6.5 hours were mind-bogglingly difficult. On my first break, I thought about how much I love my job, and the people there. On my second, I thought about how much I want to move on. I'm getting bored, already. Partially because the thrill of the first adrenaline-laced few months is over, partially because I don't particularly like a few of the people I have contact with every day. Things were looking up twards the end of the day, but I just know that pharmacy isn't going to be "the thing for me". It doesn't put a sparkle in my eye, a spring in my step, to think about going to work. Maybe that's an unattainable goal, but I don't think so. I really want to be a Vet Tech, eventually.

I went back to work twice today, after my shift. The first time to show the people I work with a picture of me with my darling dear [they think we're amazing, and we've been unanimously voted in as a "cute couple"]. The second to pick up my cold medicine, after it'd worn off here at home. My brother's hoodie and my koala bear pajama pants aren't my first choice, when going to my place of employ, but it made everyone laugh.

A little girl was running past me, and I smiled at her. She slowed down, looked me up and down, and said, "I like your pants!" It made me smile more, because it was sweet and genuine in that way that only kids can be. She slowed even more, and said, "You're really pretty!" She went on her day, never thinking about how she'd just lifted me to cloud 10.5. Amazing. I love life.

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