Tuesday, September 28

Jenn (two N's, thank you very much)

She's a friend of mine. We met through the same place I met most of my online friends, a yahoo chatroom. She was in there a lot, when I first started OkCupiding, and therefore, she heard a lot about it. I encouraged her to take the test, and she took off from there.

Like a duck to water. I think she was meeting people as fast as I was, messaging became her addiction, much as it was mine, for a time. She met a few people whom she really connected with, and many she didn't. Much like myself.

She met someone, someone amazing, from Belgium. She talked to him constantly, every spare minute. She couldn't stand to not be around him. She went to see him, eventually. She visited him in Belgium, and things were more than she could have ever hoped for, but soooo sweet. It was amazing, she said. So amazing, in fact, that in 10 days' time, she's moving to be with him.

I feel great - I feel responsible for her relationship, too. I'm so happy for her, so glad that it's working out. I'm all warm and fuzzy.

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