Thursday, September 9

Phone Call(s)

I woke up to one, this morning, at 4:00. I answered, just as the answering machine picked up, and it was too late. I flipped out, and tried to fly downstairs.. luckily realizing by the light coming up the stairwell that I should be wearing pants before venturing down. Turned, on the spur of the dime, and searched for something to cover my special places. Found them, and flew downstairs.

Only to discover my mother, at the kitchen table, peeling potatoes. What is my mother doing, peeling potatoes at 4 am, you ask? Very simple answer to that. We will be having guests for lunch. No, not in a canibalistic way.

Grandma Mavis and Uncle Marty are coming for lunch, and (as with all things) Mom wants everything to be perfect. It's made more stressful, sometimes, because some guests will comment on the smallest imperfection. Poor Mom..

So Mom is at the kitchen table, peeling potatoes. She looks up, as I fly in (luckily, fully clothed), and says, "I think it's Him. I think He's been calling quite a bit tonight.."

To which I give my oh-so-intellectual, "SHIT!!!", and race faster, trying to find a phone with a charge on which to call Him back. Start to feel like a mountain of shit, thinking I'm letting him down, all passed out and not answering on his big day.. can't ever do anything righ..

"Hello?.. Oh, I'm so so so glad you called..." Relief. He's not upset. He's never upset with me, for pulling dubious shit. Can't help but worry, sometimes, but it's always alright. Love him, so so so much. He's at the airport right now, in a rush to wait, and I'm at home, a little too worried about his flight.. but I'm sure that everything will be ok.

I came back downstairs, after the phone call, and told Mom that he was sorry for having called so many times, and she was fine. Said it was fine, that she couldn't sleep for peeling potatoes like a lunatic all night, anyways. Said she was sorry, for not having woken me up. Also said, "Don't tell Him what it's like to wake you up, sometimes.. might scare him off."

"Mom, after last night, I'm pretty sure he knows."

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