Thursday, September 16


I think that's how I want to do it. The best way, I think, to keep her from nosing in the whole time, when I'm trying to plan something spectacular, is to have it be a surprise. I think that if she doesn't know what's going to happen when she's there, she can't bug me about it, or try to put her $5,ooo dollars worth of pennies in, over every single little detail. That will keep me happy, because it will mean that I'll be giving her something, something important, without her knowing I'm doing it. I'm keeping her from the worry that she'd definately have for me, if she knew it was coming up.

Not entirely. I want to tell her that it's going to happen, someday, I just don't want her to know when.

I think I'll do the same with Dad. If need be, I'll just tell him that it's really important to me, to be there. He usually catches drift, and when he does, he doesn't need to know for sure, he's just pleased having known what would happen before it does, when it does. He wouldn't say he knew, either. I love my dad.


B said...

Seems like a very considerate daughter to me. Other parents should be so lucky. It's a great idea.

sunny said...

Bah, not so much. I'm just selfish enough to want things my own way. Nice, though, I made it sound rather gallant, huh?

B said...

It sounded so great until you were honestly about your motives. ;) Now it just sounds like a LOT of fun.