Wednesday, September 1

Country Store

I go there a lot. Pretty much everyone there recognizes me, as we've all lived in this town (and worked here) our whole lives. I took a hiatus for a while, but they recognized me when I got back. We fell into our same old routines.

I go to the Country Store because someone I know works there. I go because (even though they set up the store funny) there's a guy there who acts like my tour guide, and it's helpful and cute. I go because it's close, and it's easy, and I'm supporting a local business.

I go because my mom told me a funny story this winter. I used to call it an inappropriate name. My theory is that, the first time I said it, when I was little, I got a reaction [.. and we all know how I love to get reactions out of people. Even when I was a wee lass]. I got a reaction, people laughed, so I kept saying it.

As I would have said when I was three, "I just love the CUNT-ry Store!"

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Miss Wired said...

You reminded me of a very funny thing that happened at an Australian parliamentary function years ago (before my time). One member of parliament made this big speech and finished it with "I'm a country member!" I think Gough Whitlam (who may have been Prime Minister then) then said "I remember!"