Tuesday, September 14


When I cry, it's usually because I'm getting overwhelmed. When I'm happy, when I'm bombarded by the good things in the world, it sometimes happens. Those are quiet, happy tears that I can't seem to stop sometimes. Overwhelmed with the good in things tears.

The converse of these times, are the times when all the bad seems to come at me at once. They sneak up on me, slowly, creeping up beyond my direct line of sight. Now and again, one of them rears it's ugly head, and when that happens, the rest of them take advantage of my momentary weakness, and plunge forward, into the fray. Then I bawl.

Like I said, it doesn't happen often. Before yesterday, I can't remember the last time it happened. Of course, I don't cherish those memories, and I might be blocking them out. Funny how my brain works.

When I'm melting, don't be afraid to chuckle, a little bit, at the things I'm sobbing about. Sometimes, in the middle of my wailing, I can say some really funny shit. I like it when the person [people who are] listening can laugh with me, at the ridiculous things I sometimes say. I even want you to laugh, sometimes. If you laugh inappropriately, I won't hold it against you. On the same token, I'll certainly let you know, if I don't find that particular thing very amusing. For the most part, I will, and I'll feel better, knowing I'm making someone smile. I think it's why I do it. Crack jokes in the middle of my tears, that is.

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