Tuesday, September 14


So there you have it, folks. My photo-record of my last day in Toronto, and Labor Day weekend. Hope you're happy.

Pops, you never said "Thank you, Sunny, my favorite BFF, for changing your template (yet again), so that I might have the pleasure of viewing your most recent posts."


Anonymous said...

Sunny, this is inahalantfiend (PAUL!) from yahoo msgr, wondering how the blazes i see your toronto pics, why the hell did you leave yahoo msgr :((, oh, and i caleld you on your cell #, you left it on that note, where the hell is little sis!!!

sunny said...

Paul!! Big Bro!! Wasn't sure if you got the paper or not, sorry dude! The toronto pics are available for your viewing pleasure in the Archives of September. They'll be near the bottom.

If you want to see them and talk about them, or something, you should get Hello (here, and tell me your screenname.

Mine's soneedai, but I bet you might have guessed that.