Friday, September 17

Fake It

I know that it's easier, sometimes, to do. I know that people have good reasons, usually, for doing it. I know that my reasons, in the past, were good. I know that with certain people, faking it was the only option. I know that some of my experiences would have been worse, had I not. At least, I think so. Never really will know, I guess. Them's the breaks.

Since I've started making an extra effort in being real, I've had a really great responce from the outside world. I attribute that a lot to the blog, and the blogging world [insert big crocodile tear of love], and to the people around me - the people that I've chosen to have around me - for being open to the real me.. but, like most Leos, I will take most of the credit for myself. Thank you, Self.

Fake isn't what I want to be. Fake is hard to be. For someone like me, who thinks much to much about everything, it's terrible hard. So many scenarios to watch for, so many things to be suspicious of, if you're not being real. So many opportunities for paranoia to set in.

[I know that most of you are pretty self-actualized people, and very upstanding and real, and true. I know that you're indulging me, and letting me think that I've got a new concept here, and that you're sick of hearing about how damn happy I am, sometimes. I know that you're still reading, too.. so you must get something out of it. So I continue.]

I love being me, being the real me. Why should I fake it, and throw that out of whack? Anyone who's worth having around me, loves me for the real me, and anyone else can go find someone else, someone they enjoy.

If you're reading this, and you hate me, don't waste our time in hating me. Go find yourself someone you can love, instead. It's easier on everyone. It wastes less time being angry. If you're naturally angry, go find someone who likes that in a person. You won't find her here. [This is an example, folks, I know deep down that the entire world loves me.]

I enjoy myself. That's the petes-honest-truth. Cross my heart, and all that. It's really all I need. I love the people who let me be the real me. Thank you, from all my soul.

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