Thursday, September 16

Visitation/Can't Hardly Wait

Michelle was just here, wanted to give me a hug. She said she felt bad, not seeing me for so long, because she used to run into me all the time. Well, she thought she did, lol. Love her.

She wanted to catch up, before the big gathering, because she was afraid that because it's been so long since we talked to her, things might be awkward. That, and she didn't want to go to Tim's colonoscopy any more than he did.

Told her that I was happy to see her, and I do always love hugs, but I'm not going to be at the gathering [That's ok, though, there are more important things to do. In my mind, at least]. She wanted to know why I wasn't going to be there, and I told her I was going to be in Missouri. Of course, she wanted to know what was going on down there, that I would be going. So I told her. Luckily, I had the page up, and could show her right away. She was fine. Wanted to know where I'd met him. I told her. She shrugged, a little, at my blushy-face, and said it was awesome.

Wanted to know where in Missouri I was going, because she lived there for a while. She's part of that Jehovah branch of the family that I talk about. Some of them still live down there - one cousin in northern Missouri, Mandy - Michelle's sister. Their parents live in Columbus, Kansas now, but they've migrated all over. She's been to Springfield - she said it was gorgeous country. I'm sure I'll agree.

She thinks we need to go to Eureka Springs. Said "It's, like, Marriage Central." She asked that I do her a favor, if we do go. I said, "Get married?" She laughed. Said that she needs to meet him before she can tell me that. What she really wants is for me to check out the bathhouse. She said they send out bubbles, to lure people inside. I love beeing lured inside of things, I want to go now.

She's going to see me at Thanksgiving. I told her I would have a guest, and she was pleased, and laughed. Said we're going to need an extra Kiddie Table, because she's bringing two extra children, and I'm bringing someone.. It will be great. I can't wait for that, too. Seems like I can't wait for a lot of things, lately.

She was walking out the door, and stopped to look at Barnabus. She talked to him a little, and he talked back to her, in his own way. She watched him jump to the top level..

Meesh: "OH MY! You've got a big tail! What sort of RAT are you?!"

Me: "Uh, a rat."

Meesh: "OH! [laughs uncontrollably]"

I love Michelle.

What things can you hardly wait for?


Pops said...

I've been to Springfield, MO. My grandfather (and several generations of his family before him) is from a place called Ash Grove down that way.

Hoo boy, lemme tell ya about Springfield. It... um... OK, I was only there once, but it has a big-ass Wal-Mart. Plus Brad Pitt is from there, supposedly.

And it is lovely country, but then I was comparing it to the endless flat desert I'd just driven through to get there (CA, AZ, NM, north TX, OK) so just seeing a tree at that point made me go "OOooooh!"

B said...

Pops is right, there is a walmart, and I have a feeling, for a long, long time that was about all they had. Now, there is a Kmart, and Bass Pro. Bass Pro, if you dont know, is what hunting, fishing camping aficinados call Valhalla. It's a gigantic testament to the world of going to the middle of nowhere with a tent, a shotgun and a fishing pole and living the simple life. If you arent that simple, they've got RV's, pontoon boats, even trucks for sale. It's gigantic, and its something you need to see when you visit. Other than that, there is Branson...

Pops said...

Holy Christ, I can't believe I forgot to mention the Bass Pro Shop. It's really the only thing in Springfield to see. Prepare to be underwhelmed; unless you're a giant redneck, then prepare for nirvana.

Cleo said...

Hah! I have a Bass Pro shop up here by me - in the outlet mall!!! Ours has a little creek that goes through it, too. So there!

What can I hardly wait for? So many things.... Some big, some small but still terribly exciting. I can't wait for Lisa to be trained, so that I can switch departments, so that I can go back to school. I can't wait for next July. I can't wait to get paid, because I am so very, very poor.

But I think next July is the closest I have to the "can't hardly wait" you're talking about. It makes me giggle and shiver and do little happy dances in the kitchen. Been a while since I did that about something....

B said...

Ah, but Amy - this is the original Bass Pro....and they take pride in the place. It has a waterfall up on the third floor that pours down into the aquarium. You can go down into the sublevel and look at such interesting and hard to find species of fish as the giant catfish and carp. Simply amazing, I tell you.

Pops, they just added on to Bass Pro (sort of) and there is something called Wonders of Wildlife right next door. I've never been there, but I hear it's There are supposed to be a lot of different animals locked in this building, so it might be something to go look at.

Probably, we should just stick with going to the bars.

I can't hardly wait for:

The weekend.
A nap.
A flight to get in.
March 2005.
Sean to finish boot camp.
May 2005
Did I mention a nap?