Wednesday, September 15


There's something great about being outside, when it's windy. I love everything about it.

[It's winding something fierce outside right now.. the sky's been a little darker than usual, and there's clouds covering it entirely. Mom informed me that there's a tornado watch in effect until 8 or so. I love this feeling, I love this day.]

I like it when it's windy. I like standing still, and feeling like a tree. I like watching the trees themselves, bending and being all supple. I like that they're so strong, and yet they're able to give - when they're supposed to. I love trees. I love their leaves, in the wind. You wouldn't think leaves would be noisy, but they are, when it's windy. They create a sort of a white noise, it's beautiful.

I love standing there, and I love walking. The great thing about working for an evil corporation is that they've got a huge parking lot, and I'm required to park at the far end. It's like walking across a moist Sahara somedays, but on days like today, I adore it. Feeling my pants pushed against my calves, having to lean slightly to the left to avoid being swept away completely. Wanting to get swept away completely. Squinting, so the particles of dirt don't get in my eyes. Grinning, because I can't help but grin, I love it so much. Spitting out the particles that get in my mouth, from my big stupid grin.

I love the silence between the bursts of wind. The leaves make such a continual noise that when there's a still in the air, it feels like a vacuum. But you know the next wave is coming. Anticipation.

I love wind.


Cleo said...

Wind is almost as good as a thunderstorm, for me. I love those minutes before the storm, when the air pressure and temperature changes, and if you stand still for a minute, you can feel it happen. When you can feel all the critters battening down the hatches, when the birds stop singing and the squirrels disappear. And then when those first few big, fat drops fall, and you know it's ALMOST HERE, and you just have to stand in the rain for a minute, to be a part of it. I love it.

sunny said...

Definately! I love being in the rain!

Is it terribly wrong to get turned on by the weather? I hope it's not a 'phelia I'm not aware of yet. Now I'm all paranoid.