Tuesday, August 29

Dear Fergie,

Please don't use any more euphamisms about female body parts in your songs. This means the songs you do on your own time, and the ones you do with your band. I, for one, don't posses anything I'd ever refer to as either "my hump" or "lovely lady lumps".

I'm also pretty confident that you need to seek a gynaecologist's help with any part of your womanly anatomy that "wanna go down" when someone "come around".


PS: London Bridge? Seriously? You have a part that resembles a this?


Jess said...

Fegie. Bah!

HappyFunBall said...

My daughter has a little thing for Fergie. However, I'm sure it's just because that, at five years old, she has better bladder control.

inediblehulk said...

I once knew a girl with some "lovely lady lumps". At least that's what she called them. We all decided it was best to just go along and humour her while she was still here, and leave it to her doctor to burst her bubble.