Wednesday, August 30

If Wishes Were Fishes, Then Some People Would be Totally Grossed Out, Because Not Everybody Likes Fishes

Hey, what's the actual way to end that saying? I'm pretty sure that it's got nothing to do with fishes, but I can't remember the actual way it goes.

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inediblehulk said...

"If wishes were fishes, the world would be an ocean."

I've heard that phrase thrown around a few times, but wouldn't dare use it myself.

Now if wishes were water, it'd make sense. But a whole shitload of fish does not make an ocean. It makes a pile of dead fish drying out in the sun. If wishes were fishes, the world wouldn't be an ocean. People would just stop wishing because of the smell. And there'd be those idiots who try to wish the stench away.

Besides, wishes don't need to be fishes. Most of the world already is an ocean.

Stupid quote...

However, if wishes were fishes, then Homer Simpson wouldn't have to worry about travelling in time. When he says "I wish, I wish I had not killed that fish", presto! Two new fishes.

But yeah, not everybody does like fish...or fishes...and that word looks and sounds like less of a word each time I read it.

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