Friday, August 11


A few nights ago, Bruce moved my computer into the basement of the house. It's preeeetty awesome, because this way I can be online while he's online and no one gets their eyes clawed out. The day after that, though, I started wheezing.

I'm not so sure it has anything to do with the locale of the computer, but I typically like to find anything possible that could be the cause of my feeling shitty rather than believe that I'm actually ill in some way. Right now, I'm leaning towards allergies.

Last night I took two (generic) benedryl before bedtime, and although it dried out all of my orafices so much that it felt like I was sleeping in an infomercial dehydrator, I'm feeling a little better this morning. Although cranky. Taking (generic) benedryl at night always makes me cranky, but I've used it before when I had to get up early and I wasn't falling asleep like I should. It's the same thing they put in Tylenol PM, so it's not like it's not proven to work. Last night it had the added benefit of making me pass out and sleep hard (when I wasn't having strange dreams about waking up in a sand storm, that is). I've also been taking (generic) Claritin during the day, and it's going to start working any day now, but Benedryl is stronger by far, and if I take it at night (because I know it's going to make me pass out), it boosts up the (generic) Claritin.

During the height of my cough, I took a few Walgreens-brand "mucus relief", which contained a cough suppressant and an expectorant.

There are also the vitamins we have been taking. Whenever B and I get low on our food, or we're too poor to be eating right, and we start craving things like cucumber and salavating over the thought of fresh carrots, I know we need to be getting a few more vitamins in our diets, and I bring out the ol' vitamins. I get a (generic) diet-aid multi-vitamin, and Bruce gets a (generic) One-A-Day Essential, and we both take a vitamin E and a B-complex vitamin (which I also try to remember to make us take after a night of drinking).

Two days ago when I noticed my throat hurting like hell and my wheeze, I took a few ibuprophen to help with the inflamation in my throat. It really cut back on the swelling that was making it hard to breathe, and it took away some of the swallowing-granules-of-glass feeling I was having.

So! Lets add them up, shall we? I take (1) multivitamin, (2) vitamin E, (3) B-complex, (4) (generic) Claritin, (6) two ibuprophen, (8) two (generic) Benedryl, and (9) one "mucus relief" (grossest name ever) for my cough.

Who needs to eat?

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Jess said...

That be a whole lot of pills, my dear. I should probably be on some allergy medicine, though. I know I have a mold allergy, but I like to suffer, I suppose. I don't take anything and then I'm all runny and gross.