Friday, August 18

No Time + All the Time

The best thing about moving back home (to the house of my parents) is that I have no time to feel bad about where I am or what I am doing. I can languish in my self-proclaimed "OK Job", and leave everything else behind me. It's theoretically possible that I could support our (two-beauty, two-beast) family on my (meager and kind-of-pathetic) 10-hours per week. I know it's not ideal, and yet I feel I was gifted the opportunity to work where I've been working, and I shouldn't squander it. I also feel like I've been actually doing something for the past two years, and that is totally unlike any job-like experience I have had to date. Unless you count making sure that the parking lot for the gas station is spotless at all times, which I can say for a fact makes a difference in the world.

The worst thing about living at home is the sheer amount of dishes that can accumulate if your mom isn't washing them almost every day. I'm feeling all-the-time guilt about the dishes that are here. And seriously? We've been eating less. Where did they all come from? I have no clue.


susan said...

Seriously, what is up with mystery dishes? I think our cats are cooking elaborate meals while we're at work.

susan said...

P.S. I like the new template :)

sunny said...

The dishes thing is a complete mystery.

And thanks :).

Jess said...

Mystery dishes. They exist everywhere. Including my house, where they live and breathe on their own.