Monday, August 28

Quick Question:

Does anyone else have problems posting pictures using IE? Am I the only one who has to have Firefox onhand specifically for putting pictures on my blog? (Except for you, Brown. Sisters in toiling, that's us.) Does anyone know how to fix it? Is it some sort of setting I've got set wrong? Any expert opinions?

Ok, so it was a few questions. Carry on*.

*I know that that really makes you want to discuss Project Runway, but can you not do it here? I'm the worst fan EVER and I missed the show for the second week in a row. Luckily for me, I got caught up on last week's episode, but despite the fact that they play the show every waking second, I seem to keep missing it. Please don't tell me who won, please.

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Jess said...

One word - iTunes.

I missed last week's but downloaded it immediately this weekend when I had a few spare moments on Saturday night. I won't share who was aufed this week, but please watch soon so we can discuss.

PS- a very snooty girl who attended that Culture Bus this weekend (and got on my nerves within the first five minutes) was wearing a very Angela-esque poofy skirt. All it needed were some florettes, and it would have been PERFECT.