Monday, August 14

Our Boys

They are either growing up super fast or going utterly batshit because there's just too much space in this new house! To put it another way, they're either getting all their grown-up teeth before we even notice or they're just not getting the concept of having that much more area to pee in*, and are therefore just plain a little nuts at the amount of space they have to be in constant control over.

*I'm trying to quietly allude to the fact that while Huck has been rejoicing at the amount of space (three floors!) to pee on, Linus is content to pace back and forth between stories and jump at the slightest noise.

In other words, Huck is becoming a man while Linus becomes a middle-aged cat with an anxiety disorder.

Here's a picture of Huck's teeth that I took early last week:

You see that little bitty baby tooth there? Surrounded by all the grown-up-giant adult teeth there? Do you see his big eye staring you in the face? Say hello to Huck! He's very nice about being manipulated into grimacing for your enjoyment.

Here's a picture of Huck's teeth that I took this evening:

You see? You see how he's growing up ever-so-fast? He's even swallowing all his teeth, much to the chagrin of Bruce who wants to keep them and show them to him on his 5th (35th in dog years) birthday to show him how little he was once upon a time. It's been suggested that if he really wanted to, he could find them again, but Bruce is even more anti-poop than I am. And that's saying something.

Linus is totally freaking out. I thought that having more spaces to hide would make him a more relaxed cat, but instead, he spends his daylight hours avoiding us. When he's not avoiding us, he's actively trying to bite me using whatever means necessary. He will go out of his comfortable laying position to seek me out to bite me more. The only time he tolerates me is in the morning when I'm too sleepy not to hate him for wanting me to interact with him. More space is not good for this cat.

So that's an update on The Beasts. How are yours doing?

PS: Guess what my next project is? It's making sure that this guy, Huck's favorite toy from his absolute favorite Uncle Cam:

Making sure he gets his hoo-hah fixed. Because, although I am in no way ashamed of the female anatomy, I don't believe stuffed blue elephants deserve to have their hoo-hahs hanging out all over the place. Witness:


Jess said...

Tell B that it's not all fun and games when they DON'T swallow their teeth. I've been finding puppy teeth all over the place for the last few weeks - canines, molars, weird shaped ones I can't identify. And it WIGS ME OUT. So does the bleeding on his toys. Still, when I see him smacking his lips and swallowing hard, I know another tooth has made it's way into his tummy. So gross.

In other news - Conner went to the emergency vet on Sunday for explosive ass and vomit. Cost me 23,000 pretty pennies to find out he has a bacterial infection in his intestines. Ewwwww.

sunny said...

Oh no!!! Poor baby!

...That was for both of you.

Is he alright?

Jess said...

I appreciate the sincere poor baby. It really is rather icky - I put R on poop duty while I scrubbed vomit.

He's doing fine. He got a shot to stop the poop and vomit yesterday (Thank Pete!), and he's been on an antibiotic liquid for the last 24 hours. He's back to full puppy force (YEAH! force) - chasing kitties and trying to eat everything in sight.

Jess said...

Oh yeah - I wanted to let you know that I've also been through the scared cat phase. Nimue and Lance were very much the same way when we first moved from Rolla. We saw them about once every 36 hours.

I hope Linus finally gets over it like they did. And just in case you're looking for a great (read: cheap) toy - Wal-Mart has a "cat playland" for $18. It's got a hammock, some batting balls, and two towers to lay in. Quite nice - even Fatty McButterpants (Lance) likes it. And he hates everything.

Miss you guys!

Nina said...

That elephant reminds me of the sexual harrassment panda from southpark. I couldnt stop laughing.

I am glad that Huck is getting to know his new home. Linus will come around. With all that new space though, I know his animal instincts are just sky rocketing. It's like a jungle for him. lol

We have been giving my little Juliet arthritis medicine. We break up a little pill in her food. Although she was a little piggy before, it has increased her appetite and really gave her a boost to want to play more. She is going to go from fatass to super fatass real soon. lol

I need to quit watching south park so