Wednesday, August 23

A Few Pictures

Last week, we had Lisa and Todd over to watch the Packer game. After the game, we decided to torture the cat. Here are some action shots:

I call them action shots because there is a camera cord in each and every one of them. That's because I was drunk when taking pictures. I took my customary picture of Bruce passed out in a chair:

And then there was a picture of my brother and I with our asses hanging out. (Most unflattering.) I won't be showing that one. After our ravaging of him, it's surprising that Linus still feels comfortable lounging in the Stroh's box. Rather it would be, except I've always thought he was kind of, well, slow:

And a gratuitious shot of Huckleberry:

Have you ever put a dill pickle in your beer? Genious!

And then I took a few self-portraits. This is the only good one:

And here is a picture of how many beers (determined by number of caps, you see) that I'd drunk before I took the self-portrait. (It also explains the drunk-eye.):


Jess said...

I'm envious of the beer drinking. Right now, the promise of a stiff drink is the only thing standing between me and the end of all things student related.

robbodobbo said...

thanks for not putting up the butt picture. i can't thank you enough