Tuesday, August 22

Reading, Talking, Begging

So, once again I'm begging for some new dish: please fill me in on the great blogs you read on a regular basis, because the ones on my "friends" list of blogs aren't posting nearly often enough (minus you, Jess, and you, Susan) for my liking. I'm not going to say a word about the "best bloggers*" out there, because they've always been too slow for my liking.

Seriously, everyone should start posting more. I miss you all.

*They should probably be named the "most famous" or "more highly read than the others" blogs, but really, that's too many words. I like to be concise.

Did anyone else used to read the "Sweet Dreams" series of teen romance novels? I swear I must have gone through the entire series when I was a wee lass. I hadn't thought about them in ages, until I read a book earlier this summer entitled, "P.S. I Love You". There was a book by that name in that series, and I loved it. It was recently mentioned in a post at Go Fug Yourself, and it brought it all smashing back. I love those girls, not for their scathing reviews of random celebrities, but for their constant references to the exact past I grew up in.

Wow, was this post random or what?


susan said...

JordanBaker of Dealing in Subterfuges is wry and witty and updates almost every day. Mimi Smartypants is also amusing, but she doesn't post as often. Fictional Rockstar is another of my daily reads. I don't know...click through my links and see if anything strikes your fancy. But I'm glad to know that I at least amuse you well enough. ;)

Jess said...

my blog is amazing.

i swear.

B said...

Sadly, I can't blog. I've run into some ...er...technical difficulties..which should be fixed this week.

I hope.