Wednesday, August 9

Happy Birthday to... "OH..."

Speaking of what great things are likely to happen on my birthday, I thought I'd expand on the various highlights of my birthday weekend. I like to think of it as my own personal Diary of Indignities.

Mom: Here's dinner!
Me: Oh! Zucchini casserole! My favorite!
Mom: I made cake, too!
Me: Wow, thanks, Mom!
Mom: Yeah... (blank face, followed by surprise)... OH! Yeah...

She totally didn't connect my birthday with the baking of the cake.
Bruce: (listening to Lisa telling a story at the bar, turns to me, laughing) You know, I always listen to your stories, and they're ok, but then Lisa tells them, and I realize they're hillarious!!!
Me: (I'm sure you can imagine my expression)

Aren't birthdays the bestest?


susan said...

Does your mom tell you the story of your birth, from water breakage to labor pains to actual emergance into the great, wide world, every single year on your birthday? 'Cuz mine does. ;)

happyfunball said...

I have a hard time remembering my mom's birthday, even though it falls on a national holiday, and my husband has to gently remind me (which means he bugs me constantly till I call her at 8:00 pm the day of and wish her a happy birthday). Anyway, when my son overheard us this year, he said, shocked and horrified: "You don't remember when your MOM'S birthday is?!" To which I replied: "Ok, then. When's MY birthday?" (Crickets chirping.) "Yeah. Hush, child."

Jess said...

I bet the face you made was beautiful. Just lovely.