Friday, August 18

The Linus, He Likes Nobody

At one point, the Linus and the Uncle had a run-in:

At some point, this run-in got ugly:

Really ugly:

(Click on the picture for some great footage. Action Linus! Action Uncle!)

At some point, the Linus' belly got dirty:

Really dirty:

I only know that it was probably the Uncle's fault.


susan said...

Ewwww...that is a gross belly.

sunny said...

Yes... at least I know where he was that night - all night - bathing his belly.

Jess said...

Oh. Wow. So totally gross. And HILARIOUS!

I have the distinct impression that I would adore Uncle Robby.

robbodobbo said...

i don't know how i could have possibly made a cats stomach dirty. unless it was indirectly. when he ran away to hide. your cat's a fucking tool. i love/miss him.

sunny said...

Our cat's middle name is Tool. Seriously. How did you know?