Saturday, September 18

Sunny Goes To Springpatch!

(via Green Bay, and Chicago, and St Louis, and Rolla...)

To those of you I will be meeting, I promise to be myself, if you promise to expect nothing more of me than that. You are wonderful people, and I can't wait to put faces to names. Rather, as I have faces, to put real-time-animation to faces to names. Yeah, like that.

To the rest of you, I will be back. Sooner than you think.

Happy trails, and wish me.. wish me no upset tummy. That's what I want most right now. Well, it's the thing I want the most this morning, and the one thing I'm unsure of. Everything else? That always falls into place.



Cleo said...

Wait a sec - you're coming through Chicago, and you didn't tell me???? Hmph.

Actually, I think I noticed that the layover was nonexistent. Ah well.

inediblehulk said...

Springpatch...sounds like a pleasant place. Have fun!