Wednesday, November 29

As Requested:

Here are the ornaments. They're still on stage two, I woke up feeling rather more under the weather today. Yesterday was nothing compared to today. And yet I'm going back to work. Don't ask me to make sense of that.

This is a dot garland that I made yesterday. I got the idea from Martha Stewart. I used the "bold" colored markers, and just colored in almost four sheets of each color. This is how much garland one sheet of each color makes after sticking the stickers back to back on some quilting string. (Martha recommends using button thread, but I couldn't find it. Quilting thread is really strong, so I used that instead.) I think it's cute, and it'll look especially good on a tree, when the thread all but disappears and the colors pop because of the lights.

The tree we're getting is one that grew on our land. It's just a regular tree that my dad has been trimming for a few years in hopes of making it a Christmas tree. He wasn't planning on using it this year, but when the loggers came in to do some work, the tree was uprooted. I want to use it - it's got sentimental value already. I haven't seen it yet, but my mom has refered to it as a sort of Charlie Brown tree. I'm really going to go overboard on the decorations if that's the case.

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